From Queens, New York to the Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina 


Once upon a time there was a city boy who loved the outdoors.  He loved to spend time in the woods while on vacation, and always looked forward to his frequent trips to see his "Aunt" and "Uncle" in Florida, New York.  He loved nature...and he loved bees.  Unfortunately, there weren't many honeybees in New York City (at least back then), so his love of bees stayed dormant for a while until he read an old book called "Keeping Bees" and again dreamed of one day having his own hive.   


Fast forward to today, where this beekeeper was finally able to fulfill his dream in 2015, thanks to his supportive wife Gia, great bee mentors and friends John and Rich, and a fabulous educational start at "Bee School" from MeckBees.  And before long, this small hobby turned into a small obsession, and then a larger obsession, until Queen City Bee was finally born.  


Our mission is to help spread the word and educate others about the importance of bees, and help new beekeepers propagate the world with more honeybees...small steps to better our environment, while helping preserve our food supply...and while also enjoying some honey along the way!


Queen City Bee is a local beekeeping equipment retailer located in Monroe, North Carolina, focusing on quality Amish milled woodenware and other beekeeping products and services.

Hive Locations:

Monroe, NC

Wesley Chapel, NC

(tours by appointment)



Phone: (704) 978-8783

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